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Jessica Quashen

Today was a fun day as it’s been some time since I was able to take some photos.  I messaged Jessica the other day and asked if she knew any spots where there’s good light , empty space and where nobody cared about taking photos.  Lucky for us there was a spot about up the street from her place.  I never thought of Santa Clarita being very picturesque.  Parts of it remind me of the show in the Truman Show where everything is too neat.  Good thing for us she knew a spot where it wasn’t like that and it had everything we needed to make a great shoot.  What was also really cool since we shot in an empty field was that I was able to use my crappy old chair that I bought about 2 months ago.  It’s been sitting in my room but haven’t been able to shoot someone in it since so today was the day 🙂


Deney - The chair finally made an appearance. The location is sick! Definitely a great set.

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